Additional service

At CameraTools we always like to take service a step further. Here are some of the additional services we provide.

Gift vouchers

Do you know somebody who loves photo- or videography, but you can't see the bits and bytes through the Megapixels?e kent iemand die gek is van foto- of videografie, maar je hebt zelf geen flauw benul van Megapixels, diafragma’s en bitrates? Just give him or her a CameraTools gift voucher! Gift vouchers are available from 10 to 250 Euros. You can buy and use them in our webshop. Check this page for a list of our gift vouchers.

Gift vouchers expire a year after purchase.

Sensor cleaning

If you see spots or smudges on your photos it can be that it's caused by dirt of dust on the sensor of your camera. We can clean the sensor for you on weekdays, Monday to Friday during business hours, in our shop in Apeldoorn. Ready will you wait - please help yourself to a cup of coffee while our capable stuff cleans the sensor of your camera. Please make sure your camera is fully charged, this is necessary to properly clean the sensor.

It's not possible to have the sensor cleaned on Saturdays. Sensor cleaning by our staff is done with a steady hand and with all the necessary precautions. However, getting your sensor cleaned is at your own risk.

Not able to drop by our store?
It's also possible to send your camera to us to get it cleaned. Here's how it works:

  1. Find out which size sensor your camera has. You can check the technical specifications of your camera online.  Click here for Full-frame sensors, and  here for APS-C sensors.
  2. Place the product in your shopping cart and continue the ordering process.
  3. After completing and paying the order, you'll receive an order number. You can send your camera to the attention of the Technical Department of our shop in Apeldoorn. Please also place the order number on the package. Shipping costs you make to send the product to us will not be reimbursed. The shipping costs paid during the order process will be used to sent your camera back once it has been cleaned.

Make sure you securely package the camera. We also advise you to send it with insurance, so you won't lose anything if it's lost in transit. The camera needs to be accompanied by a completely charged battery - it's not possible to clean it otherwise.

Costs of a sensor cleaning:
Sensor-size 1.0 FX Full-frame: € 29,95
Sensor-size 1.5/1.6 APS-C: € 19,95

Your best photos printed on Xpozer 

Always wanted to have a beautiful print of one of your pictures on the wall? Not satisfied with the quality of a print on canvas? You should check out Xpozer! Sharp, bright images, easily mounted to your wall, reasonably priced. Find out more on the special Xpozer page.

Sony PrimeSupport

Sony PrimeSupport is an additional bit of service you can get through Sony once you've bought an item from their professional assortment. You have to register your product immediately after purchase to be eligible for Sony PrimeSupport.

This is how it works
Send an email to , and state the following information:

  • Name and model of the products you'd like to register.
  • Accompanying serial numbers.
  • A copy of the invoice.
  • Your contact-data including name, address, email address, telephone, etc.

Have some more questions about Sony PrimeSupport? Please get in touch with Sony customer support by calling 0800 - 022 4776.

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