Used products

We offer a wide range of used products in our Used Department. Used products offer you the excellent quality of the new item but for an affordable price. You can also offer your old equipment to us for cash or discount on your next purchase.

We are convinced of the quality of the used products we have on sale, and give you a minimum of 6 months warranty on all our used products!

You can find all our used products in our Used Department, by following this link.

As with all products, defects caused by improper use, moisture or water damage and fall or impact damage are not covered by warranty.

Offer us your old equipment

You can offer us your old camera-equipment for a discount on your next purchase, or cash money. Want to know how much you can get for your old equipment? Send an email to with the following information:

  • A description of the product(s) you wish to offer.
  • The condition of the product - does it have any usage marks, scratches, as detailed as possible.
  • The original date of purchase for the product(s).
  • Any additional accessories you have for the product(s).

We will sent you a message with an indication for the amount of money you can get for your old equipment as son as possible. This indication isn't binding - we can only give you a definitive price after seeing the products in person. We kindly ask you to come by our shop to give you a final offer.

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