How to order

To get the newest and best photo- and video-equipment you can always drop by at our store in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. But we can see that might be a bit of a problem. Not to worry, you can just order on our site from the comfortable couch of your living room!

Fill up that shopping cart

Using the 'add to cart'-button you can add products to your shopping cart. For some products you can even use our special combo deals with which you can get additional discount on added accessories! Once you've added your desired items to your cart, you can click on the cart-button in the top-right of your screen to get to the checkout to place your order.

Place your order

On the first page of our checkout you get an overview of your shopping cart, with all them products you added to it. Here you can change the amounts of each item you've like or remove specific products. You'll also see an indication for the shipping costs, but these will be re-calculated based on your contact and shipping details at the end of the checkout process.

Once you're ready, click on 'Order' and get ready to fill in your personal details. 

Fill in your contact details

If you've ordered with us before, you can login using the username (e-mail address) and password you got after your first order. Did you forget your password? Not to worry, you'll also find a link here to receive a new one on your registered e-mail address. Once you've logged in you can check your contact information and edit it if necessary.

New at CameraTools? You can choose to continue as a new customer and fill in your personal information so we can send the order to you. It's also possible to, if you use PayPal, make use of PayPal Express Checkout with which you use your PayPal account to quickly place an order with us. This saves you from having to make a new account.

When filling in your contact information, be sure to double-check your email address! This is the most important way for us to get in touch with you about your order. Filled in the entire form? Click 'next' to proceed to the next step.

Select your desired shipping method

Time to choose your desired shiiping method. Shipping costs get updated after selecting your desired shipping method. If you'd like you can also fill in a different shipping address. We also make use of UPS Access Points. With UPS Access Points your package will be delivered to a pickup-point near you, like a store, so you don't have to stay at home to receive your package.

Done with selecting your shipping method? Time to select a payment method!

Select a payment method

There are a number of different payment methods at your disposal. You can pay by creditcard (Mastercard or VISA) or PayPal, or make use of bank transfer. If there are any additional fees, they'll get added to your cart.

Selected your payment method of choice? You're almost there! Click 'Next'.


This is it. The final page before finalizing your order. Be sure to check everything twice! Are the products you wish to order in your cart? Is your shipping information correct? Your e-mail address matching what you use? All right then! You can add a remark to your order, and then it's time to place your order! You'll be send to the payment provider of your choice, after which you'll get back to our shop once you've completed it.

What's next?

You've placed your order, time for us to get to work! If all your ordered items are in stock and your payment has been succesfully received we'll start shipping your order. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any more questions!

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